Welcome to the Second Environmental Awards 2024!


​​To commemorate the World Environment Day 2024 which will be held on the 5 June, the Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change is pleased to launch the second edition of the Environmental Awards 2024. The Awards Ceremony will be held on 05 June 2024. This year’s Environment Awards is inviting entries for 12 thematic sectors divided into 21 categories, namely -

      1)     Manufacturing industry;

                              a. SMEs; and

                              b. Large Enterprises

2)     Retail outlets
(including supermarkets, hypermarkets, “superettes”, shops, book stores, market fair, restaurants); 
                             a. Outlets with sales surface area up to 400 m2; and 
                             b. Outlets with sales surface area above 400 m2.

3)     Media (including written press, radios, TV and online media); 
4) Non-Governmental Organisations; 
                             a. Climate Change;
                             b. Biodiversity; and
                             c. Other
5) Waste management and resource recovery; 
6) Banking/finance sector; 
7) Tourism industry;
                             a. Hotels; and
                             b. Sustainable Tourist Accommodation
8) Local authorities; 
9) Public sector;
10) Transport sector; 
11) Best environmental initiatives in educational institutions; and
                             a. Primary Institutions;
                             b. Secondary Institutions;
                             c. Tertiary Institutions;
                             d. Pre-primary Institutions; and
                             e. Training Institutions
12) Other Environmental Recognitions. 

Deadline for submission is 19 April 2024.


For any query or additional information, please feel free to contact the relevant divisions/department specified in the sectoral guidelines