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1. International Press Articles​​

2. Information & ​Reports

3. Climate Cha​nge Indicators for Mauritius

4. Toolkits for Key Sectors

5. Publications and Videos

​​​1.       Internat​io​nal Press Articles


  Another tropical system is expected to hit the Bahamas islands slammed by Hurricane Dorian

  Are hurricanes getting stronger

  Australia fires- New blazes forecast as temperatures rise

  Australian temperatures could reach a scorching FIFTY DEGREES by the end of the century

  Chile cancels climate and Apec summits amid mass protests

  Climate change being fuelled by soil damage

  Climate change- Huge costs of warming impacts in 2018

  Climate change- Impacts 'accelerating' as leaders gather for UN talks

  Climate crisis seriously damaging human health-Report finds

  COP25 climate summit starts as UN chief says the planet faces a 'point of no-return'

  Cyclone Fani begins landfall in eastern India

  Cyclone Idai- Mozambique president says 1,000 may have died

  Europe heatwave expected to peak and break records again​

  France 40C heatwave could break June records

  Global heating supercharging Indian Ocean climate system

  Global warming of oceans equivalent to an atomic bomb per second

  Greenland's ice melting faster than scientists previously thought – study

  Japan Prepares for Possible Hit by Super Typhoon Hagibis

  Madrid to host UN climate summit after Chile pulls out

  March was Australia's hottest on record, with temperatures 2C above average

  Nature crisis- Humans 'threaten 1m species with extinction'

  One climate crisis disaster happening every week

  Queensland snowfall- Icy weather brings warnings in Australia

  The Amazon is on fire - how bad is it

Tipping point' risk for Arctic hotspot

  Two-thirds of glacier ice in the Alps will melt by 2100

  Typhoon Hagibis- Japan deploys 110,000 rescuers after worst storm in decades

  Typhoon Lekima- Toll rises as typhoon moves up China coast

  Typhoon Phanfone- at least 16 killed in Philippines on Christmas Day

  What is the polar vortex – and how is it linked to climate change

  Women hold the key to curbing climate change


  Amphan- Indian city of Kolkata devastated by cyclone

  Australia's Wildfires and Climate Change Are Making One Another Worse in a Vicious, Devastating Circle​

  Climate change linked to African locust invasion

  Climate change- 'Rising chance' of exceeding 1.5 C global target

  Climate change- Temperature analysis shows UN goals 'within reach'

  Coronavirus and climate change- A tale of two crises

  Economics of Climate Adaptation- Cost Effective Adaptation measures

  EU green recovery package sets a marker for the world

  How our warmer oceans are contributing to climate breakdown

  Hurricane Laura to cause unsurvivable storm surges

  Hurricane Sally- Deadly storm leaves 550,000 without power in US

  Impact of Covid slowdown on CO2 in the atmosphere 'not even a blip', Australian scientist says

  Rising temperatures will cause more deaths than all infectious diseases

  The future has arrived. These explosive fires are our climate change wakeup call

  Thousands evacuated as two storms head for southern US

  Tropical Storm Amanda hits El Salvador

  Typhoon Maysak lashes South Korea

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​​​2.       Information & Reports

Biennial Update Report​

​  National Inventory Report

  Firstl Biennial Update Report

CBIT Project

  CBIT Draft Project Document



  Addressing Climate Change in Mauritius

  Africa Adaptation Gap Report 2

  Africa Blue Economy

  Africa Pledge - One Planet Summit 2019

  Climate Ambition Summit 2020

  Climate Change Fact Sheet

  Digest of Environment 2018

  EPI Policy Maker Summar 2020

  Final INDC for Mauritius 28 Sept 2015

  Green Deal - Ocean Indien- 2020

  Impact of Covid-19 on Energy Sector and Sustainable Recovery

  Managing the impacts of climate change on Poverty - World Bank

  Mauritius VNR Report on SGDs

  National Climate Change Adaptation Policy Framework for Republic of Mauritius

  Paris Agreement- English

  SDG Index 2018


  Toolkit Municipal Council of Vacoas

  Women and Climate Change Factsheet

  World Green Building Trends 2018 SMR FINAL

  YouthXChange and CC

​Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in EIA & ICZM




  Integrating Climate Change into Coastal Planning and Managament in the Republic of Mauritius

  Recommendations for Mainstreaming Climate Change into the EIA process​


  Brief NAMA Project​​

​  Report

    NAMA Project - MRV Baseline Assessment - Final

    NAMA Project Mauritius - Baseline Analysis of Mitigation Act

    System Design- NDC Registry

​​    Mitigation Strategies & Actions and Mitigation Scenarios

​    Mitigation Strategies & Actions and Mitigation Plan: 2021 -2030​

​    Guidelines for identifying & prioritizing mitigation actions - Final Version

    Stakeholder Engagement Plan - Final Version


      1. Training on ETF​

          ETF Training Materials - 18&19 August 2020

​         The new reporting requirements under the Paris Agreement - 2

      2. Training on gender

          Gender Action Plan - example

          Gender analysis and GAP for CC Mitigation - October 2020

          How to Conducte a Gender Analysis

      3. CB on Institutional Arrangement

          Institutional Arrangements Dr Deenapanray - CC Act 2020 - 1 

          Training - Institutional Arrangements

      4. CB on MCA

          MCA - Mr Canu presentation 7 July

          MCA Calculator - NAMA project - 7 July 2021 (002)

          Technology priritization for Low carbon scenario analysis

      5. CB on Reporting and Transparency

​          Institutional architecture of national MRV system differenti

          MRV - indicative indicators - 8 July 2021

          Training - Climate Support reporting

          Training - Reporting on NDC actions and IA

National Climate Change Adaptation Policy Framework

  National Climate Change Adaptation Policy Framework for Republic of Mauritius

National Communications

  Second National Communications

     NIR 2000-2006


  Initial National Communication 1998

  Third National Communication for RoM

National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report (NIR)

  National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report 2017


   IPCC 1.5 degree Celcius Special Report 2018

    1.5 deg IPCC report- Summary for Policy makers

    1.5 deg IPCC report

  AR5 WG III Summary for Policy Makers

  Biodiversity and climate change CBD


  Emission Gap Report 2019

  Extreme Weather Resilience of Global Food System

  Global Environment Outlook 6_2019_Complete Report.

  Global Environment Outlook- SIDS_Final

  IPCC 1.5 Summary Report for Policy Makers

  IPCC AR5- Longer Report

  IPCC AR5 Summary for Policymakers

  IPCC Fourth Assessment Report 2007

  Keeping track of adaptation actions in Africa

  Mainstreaming Synthesis Report

  Mauritius VNR Report 2019

  Report on the structured expert dialogue on the 2013-2015

  Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere

  State of Climate in 2014 report

  State of the Climate 2017

  State of the Climate Report 2020- WMO


  Statement on Global Climate WMO- 2019


  Third National Communication for RoM

  TNA Executive Summaries


  UN Emission Gap Report 2019

  UNEP Foresight Emerging_issues_for SIDS


  United in Science 2020

  WMO GHG Bulletin 2019​




  Ban Ki Moon - Remarks at Opening of the General Assembly High-Level

  CF IPCC AR5 synthesis statement

  Green Climate Fund_UNFCCC

  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Sendai on DRR

  Speech by EU President Von Der Leyen at the COP25.pdf

  Speech- Chair IPCC at the Climate Ambition Summit 2020

  Speech World Bank President-Climate Ambition Summit 2020

  UN Secretary-General's remarks at the COP25


  Allocution- 3e Conference International sur le Climat et la Biodiversite de l'Océan Indien

  Allocution- Conference Klima

  Allocution- Journee de la Biodiversite

  Conférence de Presse- 5eme Anniversaire de la COP21

  Speech- Commonwealth Climate Finance

   Speech Hon Minister_High Level Segment_Final

   Speech- Launch of MYGREENPRINT Apps and Tree planting

   Speech- One Year to Go to COP26

   Speech- World Engineering Day


Third National Communication for RoM

  Annex 18 of Chapter 4 Mitigation Assessment

  Annex 18a - Energy Industries - Mitigation Scenarios

  Annex 18b - Land Transport - Mitigation Scenarios

  Annex 18c - Solid Waste - Mitigation Scenarios

  Annex 18d - Crop and Livestock - Mitigation Scenarios

  Annex 18e - LULUCF - Mitigation Scenarios

  Annex 19 of Technology transfer & Development

  Annex 19a - MCA - energy industries - TNC Mauritius

  Annex 19b - MCA - road transport - TNC Mauritius

  Annex 19c - MCA - solid waste - TNC Mauritius

  Annex 19d - MCA - agricultural_crop - TNC Mauritius

  Annex 19e - MCA - agriculture_livestock - TNC Mauritius

   Annex 19f - MCA - LULUCF - TNC Mauritius

  Mitigation Assessment Excel Tools


  XLM FOLU Toolkit v17.1

   XLM Toolkit Agricultural Crop v17.1

  XLM Toolkit FOLU User Manual v17.1

  XLM Toolkit Liquid Waste User Manual v17.1

   XLM Toolkit Liquid Waste v17.1

  XLM Toolkit Livestock  User Manual v17.1

   XLM Toolkit Livestock v17.1

  XLM Toolkit Solid Waste User Manual v17.1

  XLM Toolkit Solid Waste v17.1

  XLMT (Mauritius) Main User Manual v17.1

  XLMT Agricultural Crop User Manual

  XLMT Energy Industries Toolkit v17.1​

  XLMT Energy Industries User Manual v17.1

  XLMT Transport Toolkit v17.1

  XLMT Transport User Manual v17.1

  National Inventory Report

   NIR  Final

  Sensitisation materials

    Awareness Toolkits

    Final Business Toolkit

    Final NGO Toolkit

    Final Women Manual

    Final Youth Toolkit


    Final Artwork for banners

  Third National Communication (TNC) Report

   Third National Communication for RoM

  TNC Capacity Building Workshop Report

  Appendix 1 ALU workshop Jul 17

  Appendix 2 Mitigation Analysis Workshop Report

  Vulnerability Assessment Tools


     Agriculture Manual

     Mauritius Maps and Data

     XLM-VAA Agriculture


     Biodiversity Manual

     Mauritius Maps and Data

     XLM-VAA Biodiversity

    Coastal Zones

     Coastal Zone Manual

     Mauritius Maps and Data

     XLM-VAA CoastalZone


     Fisheries Manual

     Mauritius Maps and Data

     XLM-VAA Fisheries

    General Manual_

     GENERAL Manual


     Health Manual

     Mauritius Maps and Data

    XLM-VAA Health


     Infrastructure Manual

     Mauritius Maps and Data

     XLM-VAA Infrastructure


     Water Manual

     Mauritius Maps and Data

    ​ XLM-VAA Water

  Third National Communication for RoM

TNA Reports

  TNA 1

  TNA Agriculture  2

  TNA Agriculture 3_4

  TNA Energy  3_4

  TNA Energy 2

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​​​3​.       Climate Change Indicators for Mauritius

  General Observations

  Flash flood 26 March 2008
    Press Release 26 March 2008

  Flash flood 30 March 2013
     Press release 01 April 2013
     Press release 31 March 2013
     Press Release2  31 March 2013

  Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  Copy of Climate change Indicator (3)
  Fish stock
  Mean Annual Rainfall                           
  Observed hydro-climatic indicators
  Species at risk of extinction
  Standardised Baseline_ASB0019
  Terrestrial and marine protected areas
  Water Balance

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​​​4.       Toolist for Key Sectors

Carbon Calculator
  Copy of Carbon Calculator - Mauritius - v4 – 2010

Demonstration Projects
  Enhancing Resilience of Planters
    Practical Training on Salinity Meter
    Salinity Mgt - Growers SE August 2012

 Setting up of Endemic Garden and Information Centre
    Elimination des dechets
    Le Changement Climatique
    Les Catastrophes lies au changement climatique
    Produits chimiques dangereux

Gender mainstreaming of climate change
    Egalite de Genre, CC
    Gender Climate Change and Community Based Adaptation
    Gender Mainstreaming in Practice

Outreach and Research and Development
  Awareness raising UOM
    A preliminary analysis of impacts of climate change on agriculture
    An Innovative Approach To Promote Climate
    Assessment of vulnerabilities and adaptive responses
    CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION MEASURES for Mauritian agriculture
    Climate Change Adaptation Policies for the Sugar Sector
    Climate change and impacts on biodiversity
    Climate Change Facts, Impacts and Adaptation - Met Services
    Climate Change Impacts and Actions needed
    Climate Change Related Disasters
    Dealing with the Uncertain
    Farmers, Climate Change and Food Security
    Global Warming-Related Photo-Physiological
    Improving the Livelihood of Onion Farmers
    MID or Myth
    Overview of the impact of Climate change on non-sugar sector
    Perception of Youth on Environment Issues
    Save the earth
    Stop Global Warming Rescue out earth
    Supporting Integrated and Comprehensive
    The Adaptation Dynamics of agriculture
    The choice is ours
    The use of public bus transport as an option
    Towards Low carbon
    Vulnerability Index as a screening tool

Knowledge Fair
Presentation Day 1
    City Council of Port Louis
    Climate Finance_UNDP
    Fisheries_coral farming
    Meteorological Services
    Ministry of Agro Industry_Food Security
    Ministry of Environment & SD
Presentation Day 2 Research
    Assessing impacts of CC on Phenology TATAYAH
    CC and Agriculture – SULTAN
    Energy Futures of Mauritius in a Carbon Constrained World – DEENAPANRAY​
    LSC Patterns on water level SOHUN
    Safe and sustainable utilisation of coal – LALLJEE
    Use of compost by farmers as an adaptation – SOMAROO
    Use of Systems Dynamics Approach – BOKHOREE​
Presentation Day 3 Gender
    Climate Change Adaptation
    National Womens Council

Promotion of Research on CC adaptation and coal ash
    Abstracts of projects under AAP and MRC

Policy Review and Action Plan Formulation
  Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
    Capacity building
    Climate modelling and analysis
    Climate modelling and analysiss​
    Climate variability and change
    Drafting of DDR Strategy for ROM
    DRR Action plan
    Economic and social impacts of natural hazards
    Field survey and data validation
    Flood and Landslide risk assessment
    Flood hazard and vulnerability assessment
    Flood Hazard assessment
    Geo Database and spatial infrastructure for RoM
    Landslide hazard assessment
    Landslide hazard vulnerability assessment   

  National Climate Change Adaptation Framework
    Framework Policy Strategy Dec 2012
    Framework Policy Strategy Oct 2012

  Strategy and Action Plan for Climate Change     
    Stakeholders workshop presentation

Review and Development of Climate Resilient Policies
        1_Climate change science
        1_Climate resilience
        1_Impacts and vulnerability assessment
        Adaptation in New Zealand
        Adaptation in Pacific Island Countries
        Applying a Social-Ecological Inventory
        Assessing Resilience in socio
        Bridging the gap
        Brief review of tools for climate resilience
        Capacity Building outcomes
        Capacity building to develop and review climate resilient policies
        Capacity building to develop and review climate resilint policies
        Capacity building to develop and review policies
        Capacity building to develop and
        Climate and DRR Check
        Climate change in Mauritius
        Climate change science
        Climate resilience
        Costa Rica
        Impacts and vulnerability assessment
        Impacts, vulnerability & Assessment​
        Introduction and Overview of Vulverability and Adaptation Frameworks
        Managing scarce water resources
        National Adaptive Capacity (NAC) Framework
        Planning for CC Adaptation-Sri Lanka
        Policy formulation and planning for resilience
        Policy formulation for climate resilience
        Practice Briefing
        RB Summary of CARIBSAVE Climate Change Analysis with Linking Variables
        Recap of policy tools for climate resilience​
        Resilience Concept on Climate
        Scoping and Designing
        Seven psychological principles
        Summary of the National CC Strategy
        The CARIBSAVE Partnership
        The mainstreaming approach to climate change
        The National Adaptive Capacity Framework
        The work of the Agri-Nature Foundation

Sharing of Climate Data and Information
  Setiing of an Agricultural Decision Support System​
    CDO Introduction
    CDO Utilities
    Introduction to Disease Modeling
    NCO Utilities
    Use of multi-model
    Vulnerability of the Pra River Basin to water

Student Corner
    Toolkit for youth
    Training Manual for youth

Training of Engineers and Architects
    Adapting road sector to climate change
    Adapting transport infrastructure to climate change
    Bottomless Culvert Scour Study
    Bridge Scour and Stream Instability V1
    Bridge Scour and Stream Instability V2
    Bridge Site Survey Requirements
    Climate change and hydrology
    Concepts and principles in hydraulics
    Culvert components
    Culvert design and operation guide
    Culvert design process
    Culvert example
    Culvert hydraulics
    Culvert Inspection Checklist
    Culvert Installation Procedures Guidance
    Culvert outline and detailed hydraulics
    Debris Control Structures
    Delineation of major drainage basins of Mauritius
    Design of pipes for road drainage Literature review
    Design of riprap revetment Federal Highway Administration
    Evaluation of scour at bridges Federal Highway Administration
    Freely available software Toolkit​​
    Grass channel road drainage
   ​Highway hydrology Federal Highway Administration 2002
    Highways in coastal environments Federal Highway Administration
    HY-8 culvert design tool
    Hydraulic design highway culverts Federal Highways Administration 2012
    Hydraulic Design of Energy dissipators
    Hydraulic design of safe bridges Federal Highways Administration 2012​
   Hydrological and hydraulic processes​
    Introduction to climate change risk assessment
    Introduction to culverts
    Introduction to highway hydraulics Federal Highway Administration 2008
    Introduction to hydraulic structures
    Introduction to hydrometry
    Making transport climate resilient World Bank 2010
    Manual on scour at bridges and other structures 2002
    ​Mauritius climate change profile
    Method for Qualitative Assessment
    Methods to estimate flood flows
    Monthly climatology summaries Mauritian Met Office 2008
    Possible climate change impacts on transport
    River engineering for highway encroachments
    Simple drainage desig​n
    Stream stability at highway structures
    Sustainable Drainage Systems illustrations​
    The 3 Counties Alliance Partnership (3CAP)
Urban drainage design manual

Training of Health Professionals
    Air Quality and Disease
    Climate Change and Health
    Concepts, Measures and Processes
    Determinants of Vulnerability
    Diverse Pathways of Impact
    Dynamical and Forecast Modeling
    Early Warning Systems
    Estimating the Burden of Impacts
    Extreme Temperature Events
    Extreme Weather Events – Flooding
    Food Security and Malnutrition
    International Policy Challenges
    Methods of Analyzing Climate-Disease
    Vector-borne Diseases

Training on Knowledge Management
    Capitalisation challenge purpose and objectives
    Capitalization Process​
    Concepts Presentation Traditional Knowledge
    Conecpts Presentation Traditional Knowledge (2)
    Du terrain au partage
    Etapes detailles
    Fast Facts Teamworks
    Formatting results and communication
    Identification and Description
    Introduction to Teamworks
    Knowledge Management Concepts and Methodologies
    Manuel d'utilisation Teamworks
    Mauritius AAP Project
    Mecanismes de partage

Youth Corner
    Toolkit for youth
    Training Manual for youth

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​​​5​.       Publications and Videos​​

Audio Video Resources
    Climate Change Video Clip (JICA French Version)

        2 Les Effets Negatifs

        3 Projections (Version Courte)

        French Section A​

    COASTAL ZONE bhojpuri_TV
    COASTAL ZONE creole_TV
    COURS D'EAU bhojpuri_TV
    COURS D'EAU creole_TV
    Micro Trottoir on Climate Change
    PLANT A TREE bhojpuri_TV
    PLANT A TREE creole_TV      

Capacity Development on Climate Change Measures- JICA
    Climate Change Card Game and Manual
         Climate Change Card Game Manual
         Climate Change Card game_English_alphabet
         Climate Change Card game_English_script
    Climate Change Imaginary Island Depiction Panels and Manual
         Climate Change Imaginary Island Depiction Panels Manual
         Climate Change Imaginary Island Depiction Panels
    Guideline for Climate Change Adpatation Strategy (Coastal Setback)
         Guideline on Coastal Setback 16.05.16


    Third National Communication​
        climate change mitigation agriculture forestry and other lan
        climate change mitigation Energy Sector
        climate change mitigation industry
        climate change mitigation
        climate projections for Mauritius
        climate resilient health sector
        climate trends in Mauritius
        coastal zone
        main causes of Anthropogenic​
        solar water heater
        Vulnerability Assessment & Adaptation
        weather and climate
        what is climate change
        youth and climate change

    Board  Climate financing
    Board AAP Activiies
    Board AAP output 1
    Board AAP Output 2
    Board AAP output 3
    Board AAP output 4
    Board Automatic weather stations
    Board CC Awareness
    Board CC disasters
    Board Culex sp
    Board Data Server
    Board DRR
    Board Enhancing resilience onion planters
    Board Five keys to Safer Food
    Board global warming
    Board health
    Board Potential breeding places
    Board renewable energy
    Board save energy
    Board Sea water monitoring Rodrigues
    Board vector borne diseases                              

    flyer coral reef
    pamphlet climate-change-and-health
    pamphlet coral-farming

    Setting up of Endemic Garden
          Elimination des dechets
          Le Changement Climatique
          Les Catastrophes lies au changement climatique
          Produits chimiques dangereux

  Roller Banners
    roller banner AAP objectives
    roller banner action for resilient country
    ​roller banner CC impacts on agriculture
    roller banner Climate change and water
    ​roller banner climate change education
    roller banner coastal rehabilitation
    roller banner crop sector
    roller banner Environmental education for SD
    roller banner expected outcome
   ​roller banner Gender
    roller banner global challenges
    roller banner health
    roller banner impacts in coastal zone
    roller banner La femme et le changement climatique
    roller banner livestock sector
   roller banner marine biodiversity
    roller banner MIE
    roller banner pest and disease
    roller banner R+¦le de la femme en tant quGÇÖagent de changement
    roller banner soil conservation​
    roller banner TOURISM SECTOR

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