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​​Plastic Management Division

Plastics, a major component of solid wastes, have become a major environmental challenge due to its long term persistence in the environment and takes up to 1000 years to degrade. Plastic pollution is also a serious global problem. Plastic and micro plastic impact adversely on terrestrial and marine environment and need urgent consideration.  Mauritius has not been spared of the plastic problem. With our new trend of living, plastic now make up a significant percentage (>12 %) of the total waste generated. Accordingly, the Plastic Management Division was created in January 2021 with the aim to implement measures and initiate actions to make Mauritius a plastic free country at the earliest possible.

The main responsibilities of the Plastic Management Division are as follows:

  1. Formulate policies, strategies and action plan for plastic management towards a plastic-free Mauritius;  
  2. Process application for registration certificate/permit for plastic products in line with regulations;
  3. Process clearances for biodegradable plastic products in line with regulations;  
  4. Implement national projects to fulfil national, regional and international commitments in relation to control of plastic pollution;
  5. Coordinate the formulation of plastic regulations and enforcement;
  6. Coordinate and promote research on alternatives to plastic and innovative approaches to manage plastic pollution; and
  7. Promote capacity building and awareness raising.


In line with the objective of the Government Programme 2020-2024 to make Mauritius a plastic-free country, this Ministry adopted specific measures to ban certain types of plastic products and plastic bags. Accordingly, the following Regulations have been enacted, namely:

(a)    Environment Protection (Banning of Plastic Bags) Regulations 2020


This regulation prohibits the possession, use, distribution, sale, export, import, manufacture or supply of plastic bags from 01 March 2021, including non-woven polypropylene bags, but with the exception of certain types of exempt plastic bags such as those used for packaging, waste disposal, agricultural and medical sectors, as well as those for sampling and analysis. The Regulation therefore encourages the use of biodegradable bags or other eco-friendly alternatives 

A moratorium up to 31 August 2022 has been provided to shift to plastic bags which are completely biodegradable/compostable and the bags should not contain petroleum based materials or their derivatives. Presently a certain percentage of biodegradable petroleum based materials are being allowed in the plastic bags but these plastic bags should meet the requirements of applicable standards specified in the Regulations. 

(b)   Environment Protection (Control of Single Use Plastic Products) Regulations 2020 

This regulation, which came into force on 15 January 2021, bans single-use plastic products used mainly in the food business sector, such as spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, plates, bowls, cups, trays and others disposable containers.

A moratorium up to 14 January 2022 has been granted to the local food industries for specific packaging purposes, namely:  ​ 

  1. plastic cups and plastic bowls used solely for the packaging of food products such as dairy products, yogurt, ice cream and desserts; and
  2. plastic trays used solely for the “Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)" of fresh, cooked or pre-cooked food products such as meat, burgers, seafood and cheese.

Therefore, as from 15 January 2022, the above mentioned non-biodegradable single-use plastic products will be banned. 

The Ministry is also working on new regulations for Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles and other containers for water, soft drinks, and juice, amongst others. Public will be advised, accordingly.


Registration Desk

To support implementation of the duties of the Division, a Registration Desk has been set up. Importers and manufacturers are required to apply in respect of the following at the Registration Desk:

 (i) registration and renewal of certificates as importer and/or manufacturer of biodegradable single use products;

(ii) clearance to import biodegradable single use products;

(iii) registration and renewal of an importer and/or manufacturer of exempt plastics bags and compostable or biodegradable plastics bags; and

(iv) clearance to import or manufacture biodegradable or compostable plastics bags.

 Plastic Regulations

1. Environment Protection (Polyethylene Terephthalate [PET] bottle Permit) Regulations 2001

​​2. Environment Protection (Banning of Plastic Bags) Regulations 2020

3.  (i).   Environment Protection (Control of Single Use Plastic Products) Regulations 2020

     (ii).  Environment Protection ​​(Control o​f Single Use Plastic Products) (Amendment) Regulations 2021

     (iii). Environment​ Protection (Control of Sin​gle Use Plasti​c Products) (Amendment) Regulations 2​023

Instructions to Importers/Manufacturers

Instructions on procedures under Banning of Plastic Bags Regulations 2020


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Plastic Management Division​

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