The Solid Waste Management Division


The Solid Waste Management Division (SWMD)​ operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste Management & Climate Change​. It is responsible for the protection of the environment and public health through a proper management of solid and hazardous waste.


The major functions of the SWMD are as follows:

  1. Devising policies and strategies and developing programmes for the environmentally sound management waste streams including hazardous-wastes ;
  2. Management, control and supervision of  waste disposal sites (transfer stations and sanitary landfill ) in Mauritius;
  3. Enforcement of the Local Government Dumping, Environment Protection (Standards for Hazardous wastes) Regulations 2001, Environment Protection (Collection, storage, treatment, use and disposal of waste oil) Regulations 2006 and Waste Carriers Regulations; and
  4. Registration of scavenging contractors and Recyclers​


 To be a “cleaner, greener, and safer Mauritius in a sustainable manner.​


To ensure an efficient and sustainable management of solid waste for the present and future generations.