Solid Waste Management In Mauritius

Mauritius, with total population of around 1.3 million, generates about 1,488 tonnes of waste daily.  In 2018, the total volume of wastes disposed at the Mare Chicose Landfill was 543,196 tonnes which is the sole landfill on the island.

The Ministry, through the Solid Waste Management Division, is responsible for the protection of the environment and public healt through a proper management of solid waste and hazardous waste.​​


Government spends around Rs1.5 billion annually on waste management, including waste collection (on some housing estates, coastal villages, traffic centres and public beaches), operation and maintenance of transfer stations and transportation of wastes to landfill, and, operation and maintenance of the landfill site.  The Local Authorities altogether spend ar​ound Rs 990 million annually on waste collection services

The types of waste generated in Mauritius are shown in figure :