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​​​Information and Education Division​

​​​​The Information and Education Division is responsible for awareness-raising and for sensitization. Its role is to promote informal environmental education to change attitudes and behaviours of people for a greener, cleaner and sustainable Mauritius.

The Division has developed a broad based sensitization programme aimed at different target groups, namely: children, youth, women, senior citizens, trade unions, private sector, NGO’s and the public in general, among others. Various communication tools are regularly adopted and information is disseminated through media, talks, exhibitions and other programmes. Resource materials such as pamphlets, posters,roller banners, short clips/films and TV/radio spots are developed. The Division also provides resource person to deliver talks on various environmental issues.
Each year, the Division coordinates and organizesactivities including major international environmental events such as Earth Day on 22nd April, World Environment Day on 5th Juneand Clean up the world during the 3rd weekend of September.
The Division has been promoting wastes segregation, recycling, composting, cleaning and greeningprogramme. Some of the initiatives include:
·         ‘School Endemic Garden Project’ in all primary and secondary schools to sensitize students on the native biodiversity;
·         Waste segregation project in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to inculcate the concept of waste sorting and recycling;
·         Promotion of medicinal plants at community level;
·         Rain water harvesting programme with the women  community;and
·         Tree planting programme

Information and Education Division              
Tel: 203 6200 (Ext 273)