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​The Solid Waste Management Division​


Wastes Disposal sites in Mauritius -Transfer stations and landfill.​
The Wastes disposal sites comprise the Mare Chicose Sanitary Landfill and five transfer stations located across the island. Waste collection services provided mainly by Local Authorities.  A compost plant with a capacity of 300 tonnes of waste daily, set up by a private promoter, is also operational at La Chaumiere. Furthermore, an Interim Storage Facility for Hazardous Wastes has been constructed at La Chaumiere.

Transfer Stations around the island.

Collection of Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) is effected by the twelve Local Authorities and is carried out either in house, or outsourced, or both.  The collected wastes transit through five strategically located transfer stations namely at Poudre d’Or, Roche Bois, La Chaumiere, La Brasserie and at La Laura detailed below.



Transfer Stations

Starting Year of Operation

Design capacity ​/tons / day

Average quantity transferred/tons per month


La Brasserie


150 to 300



Roche Bois​


300 to 400



Poudre D'Or


150 to 180



La Laura


100 to 150



La Chaumiere


350 to 450


Waste collected by the Local Authorities  (except for Grand Port and Savanne District Councils) and other waste generators transit through these transfer stations where these municipal wastes are filled in bigger truck trailers  and sent for landfilling at Mare Chicose. 

The Mare Chicose Landfill Site

The Mare Chicose Landfill is in operation since 1997. The landfill Cells have been developed and filled in a progressive manner and numbered sequentially ( Cells 1,2,.3,4,5,6, Cell 6 Extension, Sub-Cell 7, Sub-Cell 7A, and finally Cell 7).  With the construction of Cell 7, the total landfill area will be in the region of 48 Ha. An amount of approx. 420,000 tonnes are being landfilled annually and the amount of waste landfilled to date is about 6 million tonnes.

The engineered landfill Works at Mare Chicose has been designed for the disposal of waste in an environmentally safe manner. The essential elements providing these safety are amongst others (a) suitable composite soil and plastic lining at the bottom of the landfill and leachate collection and carting away    to prevent contamination of the ground water(b)  abstraction of  gas from the landfill for destruction of the methane ,  through flaring and power generation. Environmental monitoring is an on-going feature to ensure that our natural environment remains protected. ​

In view of the saturation of the Mare Chicose Landfill and to prevent a major waste management crisis in Mauritius post 2019, the idea of raising the Mare Chicose Landfill to provide disposal capacity was put forward. The vertical Expansion works are expected to start by April 2020 and thus increase the disposal capacity of the Landfill.​



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