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Booklet-Plant for clean air​
Toolkit for Lower Secondary Students​
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Banner on banned plastic bags​
Banner eco friendly bags
Pamphlet Banner plastic shopping bags not controlled​
Eco Driving English Version  -  French Version​
Conseils pratiques sur l’utilisation des produits chimiques agricoles.pdf
Laboratory Safety Practices.pdf
Managing Household Chemicals.pdf
Sound Management of Chemicals at the Workplace.pdf
Tree planting brochure A5 recto
Tree planting brochure A5 verso
Pamphlet- Waste Segregation.jpg
Pamphlet- Wastes Segregation.jpg
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Environment projects for youth and students 14.03.15.pptx
Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Rep of mauritius 14.03.15.pptx
Pollution Prevention and Control 14.03.15.pptx
Climate Change 14.03.15.pptx​
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Poster on tree planting
Une famille, Une plante
Poster- Medicinal Plants.pdf
Billboard on tree planting​
BillboardEarth Day 2014
Billboard WED 2014
Billboard banning of plastic bags​