Environment Assessment Division
The Environment Assessment Division plays a key role in development control and ensuresthat environmental impacts of major development projects, as listed under the Fifth Schedule of the Environment Protection Act (EPA),are foreseen and addressed at the very inception stage through the EIA mechanism. The Division also ascertains that appropriate measures are taken to mitigate adverse environmental impacts, enhance the positive impacts and promote sustainable development. To that effect, the Environment Assessment Division processes applications for Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)licencesand Preliminary Environmental Report (PER) approvals within the time frame stipulated in theEPA.
A well-established mechanism is in place for the processing of EIA and PER applications. The EIA mechanism being multidisciplinary, several environmental issues have to be taken into consideration. The Division accordingly works in close collaboration with technical line ministries and institutions to seek their expert views, prior to the examination of the applications by the EIA Committee. Public comments received are duly considered during the examination of the applications.
The Division also attends to the appeal lodged by a proponent or public against the decision on the EIA or PER application at the Environment and Land use Appeal Tribunal. The Division is also mandated to attend to cases at the level of the Supreme Court and other Courts.
The Division also works in close collaboration with Ministries as regards development projects falling under the latter’s purview. Some examples include:
·         Application for Morcellement Permit or Land Conversion Permit.
·         Advisory support as regards other development projects.

EIA/PER Sectoral Guidelines

I  Sectoral Guidelines on the content of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)Report
    * Construction of Marinas 

II Sectoral Guidelines on the content of Preliminary Environment Report (PER)
    * Discotheque or Nightclub
    * Food Processing Industry, Excluding Small and Medium Enterprises
    * Rearing of Livestock Including Cattle, Goat and Sheep (more than 20 cattle heads, more than 50 goat heads and more than 50 sheep heads)
* Rearing of Poultry Above 5,000 Heads

Environment Assessment Division
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