EIA/PER Monitoring Division
The EIA/PER Monitoring Division was set up in March 2013 to ensure compliance to conditions imposed in EIA Licences and PER Approvals in view of promoting sustainable environmental management.
The EIA/PER Monitoring Division has the overall responsibility of monitoring undertakings for which EIA Licences and PER Approvals have been issued in order to ensure compliance with conditions imposed. An EIA/PER Monitoring Committee set up under section 28A of the Environment Protection Act, comprising all Enforcing Agencies, is also in place for effective monitoring exercises. In case of non-compliance, the Division recommends appropriate enforcement action to the EIA/PER Monitoring Committee and takes appropriate remedial measures in accordance with provisions underscored in the Environment Protection Act.
One of the key tasks of the Division includes the processing of Environmental Monitoring Planssubmitted by proponents after an EIA Licence has been issued. An Environmental Monitoring Plan describes how adverse impact of a particular activity during its design, construction and operational phases will be mitigated, controlled and monitored.
EIA/PER Monitoring Division
Tel: 203 6200 (Ext: 339)