Coordination and Project Implementatio​n Division (CPID)

The Coordination and Project Implementation Division (CPID) was established in 2000 with the main objective to coordinate and manage the implementation of the 2nd Environment Investment Programme which comprised some 72 projects in various fields such as agricultural management, tourism management, transport management, land management, solid waste management, industrial management, water resources management, terrestrial biodiversity and programmes for Rodrigues,which were funded by the then Ministry of Environment, Human Resource Development and Employment. With the introduction of the Programme Based Budgeting (PBB) system requiring the line Ministries to earmark funds under their own budget, the Division’s roles and responsibilities were reviewed.

In a nutshell, the Division has the responsibility to ensure that:

·        Projects are adequately prepared;

·        Funds are channeled to priority areas at the right time; and

·        Information sharing mechanisms are established.

Moreover, the Division has the responsibility to coordinate and report on the following issues:

·        Government Programme;

·        Blue Print for the period 2015-2025;

·        Programme Based Budgeting (PBB);and

·        Implementation of budget measures.


During the past years, the Division has managed a number of environmental projects of national importance such as the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Framework, the review of the National Environmental Strategies, the Study on Environmentally Sensitive Areas and the development of the National Programme on Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The Division is presently implementing or coordinating:

1.      The Global Fuel Economy Initiative which aims at halving the global fuel consumption and vehicle emission (CO2) by year 2050;

2.      Projects funded by development partners/donors in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development or relevant institutions;

3.      Projects under UNDP/GEF-SGP;

4.      Climate Change Adaptation Programmes in the Coastal Zone of Mauritius;

5.      The planting of 150,000 trees in the context of the Clean Air Campaign.



Coordination and Project Implementation Division

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