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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity, and Environment and Sustainable Development (Environment and Sustainable Development Division)



Clean Development Mechanism  

A. What is CDM?
The CDM is one of the flexible mechanisms put in place under the KP to enable industrialised countries to meet their GHG emission reduction targets by funding projects in developing countries with the aim of achieving sustainable development.

Under the CDM, emission reduction projects are undertaken in developing countries, with very often lower greenhouse gas abatement costs than if they were carried out in industrialised countries.

For each ton of carbon dioxide equivalent that is reduced as a result of a CDM project, a certified emission reduction unit (CER) is issued and can be used or purchased by industrialised countries for the fulfillment of their commitments under the KP.

All countries wishing to participate in the CDM have to set up a Designated National Authority (DNA) for the CDM, with developing countries DNAs having as main task to evaluate proposed CDM projects and to issue letters of approval confirming that the project activity is implemented voluntarily and contributes to sustainable development in the host country.

In Mauritius, the local DNA is hosted at the Ministry of Environment & SD following a Cabinet decision in 2003. A National Committee comprising stakeholder Ministries and authorities has also been set up to support the work of the local DNA or CDM Office at the Ministry of Environment & SD.

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Please note that the inclusion of any link or website should not be taken as an endorsement by the Designated National Authority (DNA).
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